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32 star logos that shine bright – 99designs Blog

Mankind has always appeared to the stars for inspiration. As a image, stars are regarded all around the world, and have heaps of amazing connotations—exploration, wonder, accomplishment, brilliance, escape. Now imagine if your possess logo could encourage those people same stirrings in your shoppers.

With that in head, why not take to the stars and structure a logo that is out of this entire world? We have rounded up some amazing structure inspiration to aid you get started out.

Typical 5-pointed star

The 5-pointed star has been applied for millennia, throughout numerous cultures and nations. It is highlighted in a wide variety of spots, which includes the American Flag, the star and crescent and, of training course, the Stroll of Fame.

So if you are searching for a logo that’s immediately and universally regarded, start pondering about incorporating the 5-pointed star. It is a fantastic starting off stage for brand names that want a time-honored, typical really feel.

Five-pointed star logo designFive-pointed star logo designFive-pointed star logo design

Five-pointed star logo design
Kindsters logo structure by Diqa

Negative area star logos

You never have to prohibit you to regular depictions of stars, even so. At times, it can be just as helpful to discover alternate means of depicting star imagery. Search for an exciting twist on standard depictions to make your logo stand out.

Negative area is a fantastic area to start—rather than attract a star, attract all around it. This indicates the star with no currently being much too overt, fantastic for including subtlety and visual intrigue. It does not strike the viewer on the head, but nonetheless presents the aspirational outcome you want.

Star logo design
Park Clinic logo structure by sheva™

Star logo designStar logo designStar logo designStar logo designStar logo designStar logo design

Anthropomorphic star logos

Who wouldn’t want to be a star? I signify, not literally… stars are extremely hot. But that metaphoric warmth is something you want your audience to really feel.

Just take that feeling and make it literal by coming up with a logo with a human being or animal that is a star. Now you have a character that your shoppers can determine with, and hang all those people fantastic star associations on.

Star logo design
Comedian Strips logo structure by Sava Stoic

Star logo designStar logo designStar logo designStar logo design

Star logo design
Brand structure by emretoskan

Stars as accents

The star doesn’t—ironically—have to be the heart of interest. Instead, you could possibly use it to accent or enhance your logo. Add a contact of wonder or majesty to the graphic with a twinkly star, or even a skyscape.

Space logo design
Supergiant logo structure by Sava Stoic for bensA

Space logo designStarfish logo designConstellation logo designAnimal mascot logo design

Spaceship logo design
Spaceship logo structure by MerGel

Aerospace logo designOuter space logo designConstellation logo designStar logo design

Stars in wordmarks

For specified industries, it’s vital to get your title out there, and it’s properly comprehensible that you want your firm title to be the heart of the logo. Pare down your logo to just the title to achieve this outcome. It is typically named a “wordmark.”

Of training course, this does not signify that you have to restrict you to unexciting ol’ textual content. Contain a bit of starry sparkle to elevate your wordmark.

Watercolor logo designStar logo designStar logo designStar logo design

Want your business enterprise to sparkle? Start a contest to get a star (or any type) of logo these days!

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