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Create Dynamic Downloadable Documents using Google Sheets and Google Docs – Web Ascender

Most of the internet websites that we acquire involve some sort of downloadable PDF, XLSX, or DOC. These information might include extra products facts, pricing, or other specifications. Wouldn’t it be terrific to have the capability to update this facts on-the-fly from the original supply without having getting to re-add the exported file? Currently, I’m heading to show you a incredibly simple way to make dynamic downloadable files inside of Google Sheets and Google Docs. Let’s get begun.

1. Produce your spreadsheet or doc

For this instance, I’m heading to be creating a simple price sheet which contains a products identify, description, SKU, and price. Let’s glance at in Google Sheets.

Google Sheet screenshot


Now, what I would like to do is make a PDF from this spreadsheet. Maybe your to start with believed might be that I should pick out the File menu and pick the ‘Download as’ solution. Though this will work, let us automate this export course of action.

two. Update your share setting

Simply click the Share button in the higher appropriate-hand corner of the page

Share button screenshot

Simply click the Get shareable connection

Find the solution “Anyone with the connection can view

Share settings in Google Sheets

Copy the connection. Here’s what my connection seems to be like


This will connection specifically to my spreadsheet in the view condition. *Observe – Make confident your doc is established to ‘can view’ and NOT  ‘can edit’. In any other case, the consumer will be capable to modify your information.

three. Produce the dynamic export connection

Lets make an export connection using the following logic.

For Spreadsheets:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/YOUR_FILE_ID/export?format=xlsx https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/YOUR_FILE_ID/export?format=pdf

For Paperwork:

https://docs.google.com/doc/d/YOUR_FILE_ID/export?format=doc https://docs.google.com/doc/d/YOUR_FILE_ID/export?format=pdf

The File ID is accessible from the earlier copied connection. In my instance the ID would be 1J97B-Id_Gf0iUNl7fTc1N2YcKqdwmxoxo0gXq_3Hih4

If I would like to make a PDF from my spreadsheet, this is the connection that I would use.

Finally, let us increase in a redirect so that if the consumer frequented http://www.instance.com/pricing they would be redirected to this dynamic obtain.

And there you have it! Simple and highly effective!

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