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Deploy Your iOS App using Appcelerator Titanium without an Apple Developer License – Web Ascender

In this post we will seem at how to produce a cost-free provisioning profile that will allow for us to deploy an Appcelerator Titanium Application to our related iOS machine.

This post assumes that your titanium and iOS sdks are set up and performing correctly and that you have the titanium command line interface put in. You will also need Xcode 7, the system explained in this article will not perform with before versions of Xcode. The next inbound links define the set up system for titanium if you are just getting commenced.

Swift Start out Manual

Placing up Appcelerator Studio

Putting in System SDKs

Titanium Command Line Interface Reference

How it operates

Xcode 7 allows us to produce a cost-free non permanent provisioning profile that will allow for us to deploy an application to our iOS machine. Following creating this provisioning profile in Xcode we will then use it to deploy by way of Titanium. We will make the name of our throwaway Xcode application and the name of our actual titanium application the similar so that we can use the similar provisioning profile with each.

Apple ID and signing identification

If you do not presently have one particular, you will need to set up your improvement certificate/identification in Xcode. To do this you will to start with need an Apple ID. You really should presently have an Apple ID which is related to your iOS Machine. You can go to https://appleid.apple.com to produce or locate your Apple ID if important.

Future open Xcode and simply click Xcode > Preferences. Then simply click the Accounts section. You really should see a record of your Apple IDs. You can simply click the “+” button in the decreased left corner to add your Apple ID.

Xcode Accounts

Once you have additional your Apple ID simply click the Look at Details button and then simply click “Create” following to iOS Advancement. Observe that you will not still have any provisioning profiles outlined for your account.

Xcode Developer Certificate

Generate the provisioning profile

1st get the id of your titanium application. You can uncover this in the tiapp.xml file. For my titanium application, the id is js.mytest. Future join the iOS machine that you will be utilizing to your laptop or computer. Now we’ll produce a throwaway project in Xcode. Click File > New > Challenge to produce a new project. You can just pick the simple “Single Look at Application” when prompted. Modify the Item Title and Organization Identifier so that the Bundle Identifier matches the id of your titanium application. The Bundle Identifier have to match our titanium application id if we want to be in a position to use our provisioning profile with our titanium application.

Xcode Create New Project

Once on the project display, at the major pick your iOS machine from the drop down and simply click the play button to run your application on this machine. Your build will fail and a prompt will display. Click the ‘Fix Issue’ button to have Xcode produce your provisioning profile. Pick your Apple account from the Advancement crew drop down.

Xcode Run Project

Following this your build really should realize success and your blank Xcode application will set up and run on your iOS machine.

Use your provisioning profile to deploy with Titanium

We now have our provisioning profile and can near Xcode. In the terminal navigate to your titanium application and run the next command.

titanium data -t ios

You really should see your related iOS machine, your improvement certificate and your recently designed provisioning profile. Use the next command alongside with your machine UDID, improvement certificate and provisioning profile UDID to deploy your titanium application to your machine

titanium build -p ios -T machine -C “your machine UDID here” -V “your improvement certificate here” -P “your provisioning profile UDID here”

Titanium Command Line Interface Reference

Your application really should productively set up on your machine. When opening your application for the to start with time you will need to go to Settings > Common > Machine Administration and ‘trust’ your developer account.

The provisioning profile designed with this technique will only final for one particular week. Once your provisioning profile expires you can merely return to your matching project in Xcode and run the project on your machine again. Xcode will at the time again produce a new provisioning profile by way of the “Fix Issue” prompt.

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