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How to design the ideal week to balance your priorities – 99designs Blog

Ever sense like you are just managing all-around, juggling get the job done and household commitments, answering countless email messages, and reacting to no matter what lifestyle throws at you? Often functioning suitable up to the deadline and never ever experience wholly on leading of your tasks? Mapping out your suitable week can assist you stability your priorities, individual and skilled, and allow you to get back handle of your lifestyle!

Why hassle with an suitable week?

When I initial still left my entire-time job, I initially rebelled against the nine-to-5 construction and longed for entire autonomy and adaptability. The downsides of this before long turned obvious, even though, as my consumers could e book phone calls at any time of the day by way of my on line scheduler months would move without having earning any development on vital, but non-urgent tasks and my home place of work intended that there was no distinct line concerning get the job done and perform.

As a freelancer, you make your mind up what to do with the 24 hours in every day, with no bothersome boss calling you into a pointless assembly or shifting your get the job done system priorities for some arbitrary rationale. But with fantastic flexibility arrives fantastic obligation, and the entire deficiency of construction and accountability can make things very messy.

Building your suitable week, and location up your calendar to match it, will permit you to be extra proactive and intentional about your work–instead of just reacting to what’s happening all-around you.

How to set up your suitable week

one. Get distinct on your priorities

The initial phase toward attaining stability is to outline what is vital for you, i.e., what it is that you are trying to stability in your lifestyle.? By means of Deniz Altindas.

Your suitable week is the week that you would have if you could handle one hundred% of what you do with your time. No blaming many others and no excuses: what would your routine glance like in an suitable entire world?

Occupied as we are, we almost never get the time to consider about the larger photograph, to take into consideration our individual and skilled priorities and how we’re allocating our precious time. Using a phase back to replicate on what we’re undertaking and why is crucial to utilizing our time properly and attaining stability in our lives.

I’ve uncovered that there are five key categories that cover the leading priorities for most of us. In this article they are, with illustrations of routines that slide into just about every:

  • Career (e.g. client get the job done, business enterprise development, enterprise accounts)
  • Relationships (e.g. assembly pals, date night with your husband, calling your dad and mom)
  • Private development and mastering (e.g. on line programs, language lessons, listening to podcasts)
  • Wellness and wellbeing (e.g. likely to the health and fitness center, meditation, common meals)
  • Miscellaneous enjoyment (e.g. hobbies, leisure, and remaining spontaneous!)

As you can see, the standard get the job done jobs that dominate our calendars slide into just a single of the five precedence places. Quite a few of us freelancers have preferred this get the job done form precisely since we want extra time for pals and household, for journey, and for no matter what else that is meaningful in our lives, but we generally get caught up in the relevance of our get the job done and neglect all those other places.

Correctly balancing your get the job done and individual priorities usually means that you have a single calendar with everything in it. Working with the categories previously mentioned (and incorporating your personal if you sense that some thing is missing), create a checklist of just about every exercise that you want to incorporate in your suitable week. In specific, shell out interest to things that you’d like to commit extra time on. Make sure that you also incorporate ‘non-activities’ like down time or relaxation–it may perhaps appear preposterous to generate time slots for ‘being spontaneous’, but in our active lives that is honestly the only way that a lot of us will at any time make the time!

two. Mapping out your personal suitable week

Calendar example in Excel
This is what my suitable week appears to be like like at the second. I’ve absent back to a extra-or-less standard functioning week, using the evenings and weekends off, and acquiring this distinct boundary helps make both get the job done and perform extra productive!

Now that you have a checklist of your priorities,  place just about every of these into a time slot on the calendar. The essential suitable week template is just a table with seven columns together the leading labelled Monday to Sunday, and then the hours of the day detailed as rows down the still left.

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Use Anna’s Excel template to generate a customized weekly system for your lifestyle. Wherever must we e-mail it?
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Experiment with unique configurations utilizing paper with pencil or Write-up-its or Excel. Use coloration coding to assist you sustain that all-vital stability throughout your priorities (take note that stability does not signify shelling out the exact volume of time on every exercise, but the suitable volume of time). You can also insert themes at the leading, to place the emphasis on your leading precedence for that day–I experienced a single client who set up ‘Get-s**t-done Fridays’!

To generate an efficient suitable week, make sure you follow these a few crucial concepts:

Start out with the large rocks

Hand holding a piece of rock.
Inserting your most vital priorities, your large rocks, initial will ensure that they really do not get pushed out by ‘busy work’. By means of Brina Blum.

The notion of the ‘big rocks’ metaphor is that the only way you can healthy everything that is vital into your lifestyle is by commencing with your large rocks, your leading priorities. It’s only right after the large rocks have been resolved that you must insert in the scaled-down stones, the minor jobs that can if not get up all your time. Start out by setting up the routines that are totally vital to shifting your business enterprise ahead, to your associations, or to ensuring that you remain healthy and delighted. You make your mind up what all those rocks are, based mostly on your individual price procedure and your unique goals.

Consume the frog

Close-up of a frog.
If you’ve eaten a stay frog in the morning, you know that the worst is around and the day can only get superior right after that! By means of Wayne Robinson.

The all-natural inclination for a lot of us will be to follow the path of minimum resistance. This usually means you will start with the simplest jobs, the enjoyment ones, and vital employment will get postponed, both until eventually they grow to be urgent and you are compelled to get them on, or indefinitely, earning you pass up out on perhaps precious possibilities. “Eating the frog” usually means setting up to do the most vital get the job done, specially the get the job done that you seriously really do not delight in, in advance of you get distracted by everything else. Plan your individual frogs early in the day to make sure you really do not procrastinate.

Abide by your body clock

Alarm clock.
There’s no stage in trying to get the job done late into the night when you know that you are most productive initial thing in the morning. By means of Brandi Redd.

If you know you are a single of all those chirpy people who jumps out of mattress when the alarm rings (grr!), then make sure you system to get a lot done in the morning. If you are a night owl and tremendous productive late into the night, then you can system to do a lot extra get the job done as soon as the sunshine goes down. As a freelancer, you can end up chained to your laptop or computer from dawn to dusk, but it is no fantastic forcing on your own to get the job done when your brain’s not functioning. Abide by the all-natural rhythm of your body clock!

three. Placing your suitable week into apply

Screenshot my ideal week in iCal
This is what my suitable week appears to be like like as soon as I’ve transferred it to iCal. My precise calendar will glance really unique as soon as I place in genuine-lifestyle appointments, meetings and client work–but this presents me a framework for earning the suitable precedence phone calls.

Whether or not you’ve developed your suitable week in Excel or on fantastic old-fashioned paper, to make it actionable you will want to transfer your crucial themes or setting up blocks into your precise calendar. For illustration, I’ve now blocked every weekday morning seven.30am-1pm for my leading precedence routines, which incorporate meditation and exercise initial thing in the morning, adopted by producing as I’m most resourceful and centered in advance of lunch. I’ve also held Saturday wholly free, apart from for date night!

To assist you adhere to your system and steer clear of unreasonable past-minute requests and interruptions, make sure that you set distinct boundaries and communicate them in advance of time. For occasion, tell people the hours that you get the job done and be distinct that you will not respond right after 6pm or on weekends say how you want to be contacted—via e-mail, by phone or on Whatsapp—and if you get the job done from home, tell your household that a closed door usually means that they must only disturb you in an emergency.

I would also propose examining your to-do checklist just about every week (some like to do this on a Sunday night, or perhaps Monday morning) and completely transform it into calendar appointments on the acceptable day. Stuff in your calendar essentially will get done, so make appointments with yourself—and maintain them!

Now, you are never ever likely to encounter an suitable week precisely as you’ve outlined it—life transpires, right after all! Address it extra as a guideline, a framework that is versatile and not set in stone. If you want to make an exception now and then that is fantastic, and if you find that some thing constantly is not functioning for you then adjust things up! The crucial is to do this intentionally and proactively and not just in response to what’s remaining thrown at you.

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Use Anna’s Excel template to generate a customized weekly system for your lifestyle. Wherever must we e-mail it?
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This post was penned by Anna Lundberg. Anna is a business enterprise guide and individual mentor (CPC and ACC) who writes, coaches and leads workshops to assist bold individuals, workers and business people obtain their entire likely in their skilled and individual lives. Abide by her on Twitter @annaselundberg

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